Protecting Furniture From Kids

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Protecting Furniture From Kids

Children are a wonderful, fun-filled addition to any family, but they can be extremely hard on furniture—especially if it wasn't meant for rough-housing kids. I learned this lesson the hard way after I brought my daughter home to a living room filed with cream-colored couches. Her bottles were constantly dripping everywhere, and it was frustrating to see how many stains they accumulated. This blog is all about helping parents to protect their furniture from their kids, so that you can like your house as much as you love them. In addition to making your house look great, protecting furniture can help you to keep your investments intact.



3 Tips For Blending Your Décor And Furniture Upholstery Seamlessly

Cohesion should be the goal of any room you decorate, no matter the style. By ensuring your décor pieces work with the furniture and floor covering, your room will be visually pleasing. Furniture items, such as sofas and stuffed chairs, often represent your biggest décor investment, so it's essential your upholstery blends with the rest of your pieces. Below are three tips on how you achieve this decorating ideal. Get Inspired by your Upholstery's Color Palette Read More 

2 Reasons To Get An Adjustable Mattress

Purchasing a mattress for your bed is a very important investment because you will be sleeping on the mattress almost every night. The way you sleep can effect almost every single aspect of your life, so getting a good nights sleep as often as possible is crucial. Thankfully, there are several different mattress out there that allow you to find exactly what you need. One type of mattress that can be a great fit for almost anyone is an adjustable mattress. Read More 

How To Remove A Piece Of Taffy From A Suede-Upholstered Loveseat

If a piece of taffy is stuck to the suede-upholstered loveseat in your home's den, remove the candy and clean the suede fabric by following the steps described below. Add a conditioning agent to the suede after cleaning the fabric to add softness to the upholstery and to prevent the suede from cracking or fading. Cleaning Materials bucket of warm water soft cloths sponge mild detergent white vinegar portable hair dryer buffing mitt suede conditioner Remove The Taffy And Stains Read More 

Three Tips When Buying A Recliner

To be sure that you are able to get the most out of your living room experience, you'll owe it to yourself to find a quality recliner that will keep you comfortable. There are a lot of different types of recliners you can purchase and some health benefits that will let you enjoy it. With this in mind, keep reading so that you are able to purchase the best recliner for your household. Read More 

Bought A New Apartment? Types Of Modern Furniture You May Like

If you have just purchased a new apartment and it is unfurnished, you have many choices to make when setting it up. One of these choices is the type of furniture you would like to have. There are different types available including modern furniture. Below is information about two types of this furniture that you should consider purchasing. You can then get busy getting your apartment ready to live in and even invite guests over to enjoy as well! Read More